What To Do If Your Toddler Isn’t Talking

What To Do If  Your Toddler Isn’t Talking

Are you concerned that your toddler is not talking yet? Be sure to check his speech and language milestones. You can view these on my last blog post https://littletalkers.com/check-your-childs-speech-and-language-milestones/


After looking at the milestones, are you still concerned that your child might have a delay? I usually tell parents that by 2 years old, a child should have at least 50 single words and be starting to put 2 words together.

What should you do if you are concerned?


1) Always discuss any concerns you have with your pediatrician

  • tell your pediatrician if your child is not meeting any of their milestones
  • keep track and make a list of the words your child is using
  • follow your instincts and if you suspect there is a problem in any area be sure to discuss it
  • see if you are able to get an evaluation through your insurance


2) Places you may go to receive an evaluation or therapy

  •  Private practice- pay on your own or through insurance
  •  Department of Developmental Services (in California it is Regional Center- check the Directory of Regional Centers) or a similar agency- will provide a free assessment and possible services for children birth to 36 months
  •  Local School District- from age 3 years and up, they will provide a free assessment and possible services
  •  College or University Clinics- some colleges or universities have speech and language clinics on campus that are student run. These clinics often provide services for a very reasonable fee


3) Get started on promoting speech and language skills by visiting my membership shop at LittleTalkers.com

My Tiny Talkers package is the perfect tool to get you started. These simple and easy to follow videos will give you strategies on the best ways to interact with your child. Learn the best ways to teach language, how to engage your child , expand on language, comment versus question, and other great tips.

You will also be provided with my special “Room Cards”. These can be downloaded immediately and provide you tips on how to promote language during daily activities. There is one for the kitchen, the bath, playtime and bedtime.



Remember early intervention is the key! Be sure to get your child started on the right track.


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