Say What? Membership

$9.95 for 3 months

Recommended for use in conjunction with current speech therapy or for children that have a very mild speech delay and can benefit from a few “tricks” to help with correct sound production.


Say What?  Help your Child Learn to make Speech Sounds

This package includes videos that demonstrate visual cues and “tricks” to make almost all of the speech sounds (including k, g, l, th, s and r). Be sure to watch the “How to Teach Speech Sounds Video). Speech flash cards are also provided for each sound so you can practice at home. This membership also  includes fun activities for using your speech flash cards.

Does your child need a little help learning to make some sounds? Are they already in speech and you want some tips to help further encourage those sounds?

Member Videos:  #1 Age 3 sounds, #2 Age 4 sounds, #3 F sound, #4 V sound, #5 L sound, #6 SH sound, #7 s, z, th, ch, j, and r, #8 Speech errors Articulation vs Phonology, #9 Cluster reduction, #10 Fronting, #11 Leaving off end sounds, #12 Stopping, #13 How to teach speech sounds, #14 What to do if you expect a delay

Membership Tools:
Speech Milestones PDF
Articulation or “speech” cards for all the above speech sounds.
Fun Activities for Your Speech Cards

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