Preschool Talkers Membership

$9.95 for 3 months

Recommended age is Preschool age (2 1/2-5 years). Help make sure your child has strong language skills and knows important basic concepts that will help him be ready for Kindergarten. This package includes:  A downloadable ” Basic Concepts Workbook” and videos that will help you increase your child’s language and readiness to learn.


This package includes videos that will promote increased sentence length, the importance of reading, and how to teach through play. The “Basic Concepts Workbook” is designed to work on concepts that are important for Kindergarten readiness ( location, time and quantity concepts). Some other fun preschool activities and tips are also included.

Member Videos: #1 Comment vs Question, #2 Follow Their Lead, #3 Model and Triangle Talk, #4 Play with Preschoolers, #5 Finger Counting, #6 Visual Cues, #7 Basic Concepts, #8 Read Aloud

Membership Tools:
Speech Milestones PDF
Basic Concepts Workbook

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