Build Language Skills with Winter Fun

Build Language Skills with Winter Fun

I have had so much fun planning activities with my young speech kids this winter. We don’t have a real winter in California, so we have to get creative. My students loved having a “snowball fight” with this indoor snowball set from Discovery Kids. We read “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.


Many of my students have never seen snow. I tried to make the experience as interactive as I could. I put some of the snowballs in a bag with ice so they could feel the “cold“. Even my quietest students were requesting snowballs. They were all engaged, laughing and having wonderful social interactions. I threw snowballs at them, they threw them at me and we all threw them at my classroom aide.  We were able to work on action words (throw, run, hide). We also worked on prepositions by talking about where the snowballs landed (under the chair, next to the trash can). Using rolled up white socks would also be a great way to have an indoor snowball fight.


More Winter Fun




Another favorite activity this winter was “building a snowman.” Again I  had to get creative to make this a hands on learning activity. I found this fun felt snowman from the Dollar Spot at Target. I am obsessed with the Dollar Spot and always find great things there.  This was a $3 item. What a great value for just $3. It was great for requesting. The kids were able to request various items to put on to build the snowman. Vocabulary included : hat,  carrot nose, scarf, arms, mittens, boots, bow, buttons, sticks and snow. I was also able to target multiple speech sounds including “s” cluster words (snow, scarf, sticks).

Have fun this winter and think of all the fun ways you can incorporate speech and language into your winter activities.